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2017-2018 season

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The Colour of Freedom

with special guest… Amir Haghighi, Persian traditional vocalist

Saturday Nov. 11th, 8pm – St John the Evangelist, Kitchener

Sunday Nov. 12th, 3pm – St. John’s Lutheran, Waterloo

The Colour of Freedom concert program


with special guest… Catherine Robertson, piano

Featuring the premiere of the 2017 NewWorks winner!

Saturday March 3rd, 8pm – St John the Evangelist, Kitchener

Sunday March 4th, 3pm – St. John’s Lutheran, Waterloo

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  • Barrie Cabena –excerpts from Requiem for the Victims of Terrorism
  • James Rolfe – Shadows
  • Nicholas Kelly – The Immortal (premiere) NewWorks 2017 Competition winner
  • Leonard Enns –  Aperi, Domine, os meum
  • Lavinia Kell Parker – Songs are Thoughts
  • Samuel Barber – Reincarnations
  • René Clausen – Tonight, eternity alone

This Thirsty Land

with special guests… Orpheus Choir of Toronto (dir. Robert Cooper) plus oboe soloist and string orchestra

Saturday April 28th, 8pm – St. John’s Lutheran, Waterloo

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  • Leonard Enns –  This Thirsty Land (combined choirs, with solo oboe & string ensemble)
  • Bruce Sled – Shimmering Water / Ice / Reflections
  • Hussein Janmohamed – Sun on Water
  • Trond Kverno – Ave Maris Stella
  • plus selections by the Orpheus Choir of Toronto

About the 2017/18 DaCapo Season

~ from director Leonard Enns

While the personal and political workings that relate to war, peace, and the conditions of inclusion and exclusion are seen to be the domain of people, policies and programs tailored for the task, we hold that art remains necessary, and can serve to leaven this work. In fact, for us it not only can do so, but must. Our music-making may not stand in isolation of ongoing personal and global challenges, but rather, at best, it will contribute to the tasks of sensitizing people to each other’s situations, to humanizing and breaking down prejudice, and to re-assembling hope. These are possibly unreachable goals, but they remain our intention.

It is from this commitment that our November 2017 program begins a three-year series of concerts whose programmatic themes grow from and speak to the ongoing global refugee crisis. Each year will have its own overall general theme:  this year, displacement; next year, resettlement; and the third year, renewal.

This year, our first two concerts (November and March) relate to personal and political realities behind, and stemming from, the issue. The November concert will feature a return visit of Persian Canadian vocalist Amir Haghighi, in Colour of Freedom by Iman Habibi, in this work that stunned and deeply moved both singers and audience when DaCapo performed it five years ago with Amir. The March concert will include the premiere of the current DaCapo NewWorks competition winning work, The Immortal, by Canadian composer Nicholas Kelly. Kelly has set a text by Marjorie Pickthall, to create a composition that represents, in his words, “progression from bleakness to transcendence”; this, surely, mirrors the aspiration that motivates many a refugee.  Our final season concert in April (jointly with Orpheus Choir of Toronto) is inspired by environmental realities that often impact or even cause the refugee situation, with the featured work focusing on the increasing lack of (access to) potable water, and metaphorically lamenting the dryness of the human spirit, using texts by Aeschylus, St. Francis, T.S. Eliot, and George Whipple. The half-hour composition, This Thirsty Land by Leonard Enns, was commissioned by the University of Guelph, with the request that its theme be issues related to water.

We intend this to be a moving, rewarding and thought-provoking season, and hope you will join us for each concert.