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“Whether live or captured on disc, DaCapo’s rigorous discipline and boundless vocal energy seem to merge as essential ingredients in a sound that is both timeless and as new as it gets…ShadowLand imprints an indelible mark on the soul.” ~ P.F. , review of ShadowLand (The Music Times, March-April 2010)

“With no technical constraints and a visionary director, DaCapo is easily the best choir in the area…DaCapo’s greatest achievement is that rather than singing music for the audience, as is usually the case, it always feels as though we are experiencing the music together — and that’s something very special indeed.”~ Marcia Adair, DaCapo opens with brilliant effort (The Record, November 15, 2009)

“The compositions chosen for this brilliantly focused choir provide exquisitely mystical and powerful music”~ Dianne Wells, review of ShadowLand (WholeNote Magazine, January 28, 2010)

“Attending a DaCapo Chamber Choir concert is like embarking on a potent, conceptual journey, thanks to director Leonard Enns’s careful selection of pieces, the order in which they are performed and the high quality of the performances themselves.” ~ Susan Deefolts, DaCapo embarks on potent journey (The Record, November 17, 2008)

“It is twenty-five of the most intense minutes of listening you are likely to experience. The DaCapo Chamber Choir is in top form.”
~ John S. Gray, review of the Juno-nominated notes toward a poem that can never be written (WholeNote, September 2008)

“After my first DaCapo concert, there was no going back. From then on, I knew I’d never hear choir music in quite the same way again. It’s not simply the music that artistic director Leonard Enns selects – which is potent and often supremely challenging. Nor is it that the thoughtful use of a unifying motif for each concert is then reflected and refracted through carefully chosen overarching themes that, in turn, unify each season. It’s mainly because they’re among the best choirs I’ve ever heard. Before hearing DaCapo, I enjoyed choir performances in a casual way. After, well, I would now go so far as to call myself an enthusiast of contemporary choir music. Such is the power of the sound they create. “~ Susan Deefolts, DaCapo’s One wholly satisfying (The Record, November 12, 2007)